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In the latest world of technology many cognitive technologies, tools and software are emerging into the market which are becoming key role in business activities but few of the fields or roles remain evergreen in the present as well as they best future growth and one among them is BA means Business Analyst role which is considered as a key role in business processes in finding solutions particularly in data science and analytics industry and has been in high demand which in turn increases the responsibilities of BA role over the years.

It is called as a trend setter profile as business analyst should identify the key issues disrupt business processes for the future development of the company so business analyst should always keep learning and should be expertise in new age technologies for business processes. Not only the internal organizational requirements are considered but also the end user experience is considered more in these days so new systems or methods should be implemented for continuous changes relevant to the user requirement and customer satisfaction. Many new skills like emotional intelligence, innovation, initiation and analysis and many other emerging skills must be enhanced by the business analyst’s for their fast inclination of career graph smoothly.

New trend of Business analyst digital transformation:

Machine learning and artificial intelligence also becoming the new trend of digital transformation. These digital era are implemented in the organizations only after the business analyst’s analyses the entire technologies and their impact in the organization after solving the queries raised by BA’s like what is the source of data acquired and how to interpret data and is the data abstracted is correct for analysis and for obtaining solutions. Even new technology like agile methodologies are implemented by business analyst in new way for getting better solutions like three amigo’s where business analyst can have discussion between developers, testers to have an idea regarding the development of a product. Design studio is another technique to design the product together to deliver it in an effective solution.

Basic skills required for a business analyst to lead in an organization and to implement latest technologies are communication skills as they are required to write, speak and to have team discussions for gathering information or for acquiring requirements of the business processes. Problem solving skills are required for getting solution to the business processes .Technical skills are required for implementing the latest technologies emerged in the market and they should have deep knowledge in database architecture and systems and more. Design and modelling skills are required for designing a solution after gathering the requirements and should be able to see that the solution obtained meets the requirement if the business processes.

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